Written Exercises. Ancestral Magic And Emergent Intellectuals In Mia Couto, Lhoussain Azergui And Do

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    The grind-stone of history never stops. For major expanses of our planet, subdued formerly to colonial powers, physical and symbolic oppression didn’t stop with the decolonization. The post-colonial era of autonomous, yet imperfect governments often wrought havoc where the colonial systems had worked in vain to establish their illusory order. After several decades of independence, the state of Africa is still far from satisfactory. Especially the problem of national unity, a notion essentially alien to precolonial Africa, require flexible and creative solutions, adapted to multiplicity of local histories. But it is not only on the African problems that I want to reflect. Certain aspects of the post-colonial frame of mind are visible in countries like Poland, unwilling to recognize any share in the fate of the colonized or to subscribe to any form of post-colonial discourse[1]. Yet the growing cohesion of the contemporary world, beyond disparity of origins and local histories, brings us all to surprisingly similar symbolical configurations. Cultures that have followed apparently very dissimilar historical roads meet at a point of intersection that we might never have expected to find.



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